Music collaboration will never happen online in real time

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iASO Records December 11, 2013

Perhaps the range of real-time online collaboration could be extended using something similar to the orchestra model: a musician in a central location could act as time-keeper for two musicians that are further apart from each other than from the time-keeper. This set-up could double the maximum range to about 4,000 km.

iASO Records December 3, 2013

A large orchestra might be 15 meters or more from the players on one extreme to the other. How do the players that are furthest apart stay in sync with 45ms of latency? First they are anchored by the the musicians closer to them. The center of the orchestra keeps the wings in time. Next, visual cues from the conductor help to keep everyone in time. Light does travel fast enough to keep a physical orchestra in time with visual cues.