Tambora Drum

The tambora is a double sided drum used in various parts of Latin America. It is particularly popular in the Dominican Republic where it is used for the rhythmic foundation of merengue. In the Dominican Republic, one side of the tambora is played with the hand, and the other with a stick. For right handed people, the left hand holds the stick.

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will November 16, 2016

cuales son las medidas de la tambora dominicaca , largo y ancho

silvia June 11, 2016

Hi where can I buy a Tambora dominicana on line? Thank you for your help

iASO May 25, 2016

Hi John, the the stick used for tambora is considerably shorter than a regular drumstick. It is usually also a bit thicker. Perhaps you could cut a drumstick down to a manageable size. If you do, cut off the thinner end.

John Feeley March 18, 2016

Just purchased a new Tambora in Ramona, Dominican Republic. Is it necessary to oil the heads (skins) and if so with what kind of oil . Also I did not get a stick with it.. Is a regular drum stick used or some other type of stick?Thank you

wilkin February 25, 2016

que es la tambora

alejandra June 11, 2015


Kyle April 14, 2015

i use the right hand for the stick... is that weird?

Kyle April 14, 2015

i love this music, i use it for my classes a lot!

tu loca January 20, 2015

la tambora es un instrumento musical.
la tambora tienes dos la dos para tocar.con un palo
que no sea tan ancho

maurielis de los santos melo October 23, 2013

que es la tambora?

la tambora es un Instrumentode persecucion
membranofono que ha formado parte fundamental de los conjuntos de merengue a lo largo de su historia.

como se toca la tambora?

se tocan con las manos y los palitos no suelen usarse siempre.