Bachata Footwork

Table of contents: How to Dance Bachata. Bachata Basic Steps, Bachata Basic Turn Patterns, Bachata Styling

Introducing Bachata footwork, including The Bachata Double Heel Footwork, The Candé Footwork

The Bachata Double Heel Footwork

The Double Heel is a syncopated footwork improvisation that can be performed alone or with a partner. Adam has seen variations of this footwork throughout the Dominican Republic, including by an excellent dancer in Los Castillos de la Victoria.

The Candé Footwork

Learn how to dance the Bachata "Candé" footwork. The Candé is a footwork pattern that can be used by both lead or follow within the flow of the dance and music. It was a favorite of Joan Soriano's father Candelario, "Candé, so it was named as a tribute to him.


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